Hemp research is rekindling product manufacturing and creating modern-day innovation. By partnering with programs and research focused on hemp, we are supporting the most important steps of this plant’s success in our country.



The IHRF maintains Master Research & Development Agreements (MRDAs) and related contractual agreements with the following institutions:

  • ◉ University of Colorado-Denver
  • ◉ University of Colorado-Boulder
  • ◉ University of Colorado Medical School
  • ◉ University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
  • ◉ Colorado State University-Fort Collins
  • ◉ Colorado State University-Pueblo
  • ◉ University of Kansas-Lawrence, KS
  • ◉ Lincoln Memorial University-Harrogate, TN


The IHRF is actively seeking quality, strategically-focused hemp businesses interested in providing tax-deductible investments in the following research projects:

  • ◉ Phytoremediation utilizing hemp
  • ◉ Pest Management for industrial hemp
  • ◉ Hemp in animal feeds (caninies)
  • ◉ CBD product stability
  • ◉ Genetic analysis of Y-chromosome in Cannabis
  • ◉ Chemical decortications of hemp fiber
  • ◉ Cultivating a Culture of Health and Safety in Colorado’s Hemp Sector
  • ◉ Hemp biofuels research
  • ◉ Stabilization of base pavement and other road materials using hemp
  • ◉ How CBD modulates memory and learning in humans + memory disorders
  • ◉ Adaptive web tension control in hemp based papers
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